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Great Goddess Alive! 

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The purpose of my life

is to inspire you in yours










Are you...


  • Ready to share in some life-altering adventures?
  • Find and harness your personal Magic and give life to your favorite dream?
  • Go deeper into your true Self rather than others' expectations of you?


This is the place to start your journey...



Information * Inspiration * Transformation


Feel good !



So, how do you feel?


How do you want  to feel?


Decide to feel good and discover just how rich your life can be ~ with a little more support! 


I can help ♪


Peruse the programs – see what you resonate with...

I offer Life Readings* & Coaching Sessions as well



* Life Readings services include Tarot, Runes, Flower Readings and Numerology




Be the Star that you are!!


Wisdom through accessing your      Akashic Records


  Soul Realignment sessions!

Book yours now!! 



The greatest adventure you will ever have is to live as your Soul intended!




Experience the benefits

of an Akashic Record clearing.

Set new intentions & eliminate old restrictions


*** for only $199. ***

House clearings also available - $45






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