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I am currently returning from an extended hiatus. Apologies for the long-lasting disruption in the production of the Museletter! I appreciate your patience - it will be "up and running" again soon. Welcoming your articles for consideration...


Goddess: Reclaiming the    Divine Feminine

 Fire in the Cauldron that nourishes and heals,

Fire in the Forge that shapes and tempers,

Fire in the Head that incites and inspires...



Be the Star that you are!!


Wisdom through accessing your Akashic Records


  Soul Realignment(R) sessions!

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The greatest adventure you will ever have is to live as your Soul intended!



Experience the profound benefits

of an Akashic Record clearing.

Set new intentions & eliminate old restrictions


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Property Realignment  - $50.

 Reclaim your home! 



"Thank you for bringing this amazing practice to my attention, Jessica, and for bringing your sense of fun, curiosity and joy to it as well as your wisdom and grace. You created a safe space for healing to occur and I now feel free to engage with life and experience more of its gifts." -Karlin Creed


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