“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

- Maya Angelou



I love reading bios – we are all unique and each of us has a story to tell. Reading someone else’s story can help us decide whether or not they are a “fit” for us, if there is resonance between us and  if we feel we can benefit from working with them. This is a synopsis of my story…



“The purpose of my life is to inspire you in yours.”


This was the distillation of the statement of my Life Purpose when I first arrived on beautiful Vancouver Island in 1983. It hasn’t changed…


I am a founding Priestess and teacher of 13th House Mystery School, Victoria, B.C., and founder of Faerie Mound Mystery School.


Born and raised in Montreal, I had the great good fortune to be exposed to the Arts from an early age. My father was a visual artist who loved poetry and music and I followed suit, except that my "visual art" was film, in which I majored at Concordia University. I also chose a minor in journalism, where I discovered I have a knack for interviewing people.


I've been a writer since the age of seven, when I wrote my first poem. (Yes, I still remember it and the second one, too!) I have two published books: Runemal: The Ritual of Runeplay, and The Witch's Book of Days, co-authored with two other Witches, and numerous articles, both print (such as The Beltane Papers, Hecate’s Loom and Transdimension Vista) and online.


Formerly I was editor/publisher of HICK: H.A.G.S. in the Country and Kin magazine, which enjoyed a six-year run internationally and which I had to “close” while working with my husband at our restaurant, Equinox Cafe and Catering - the first restaurant to feature the region's organic, local foods and wines - in Vancouver Island's beautiful Cowichan Valley. In September, 2014, we celebrated the closure of Equinox Catering after an incredible nine-year run. Whew!


The realm of Metaphysics has always been deeply imbedded in my life (I'm my "grandpa's girl" in that way) and I've been practicing Numerology, Tarot, Astrology and Rune-reading for the greater part of my life. (Yes, I still offer Life Readings - do enquire!)


My non-corporeal family, The Belara, keep me pretty busy, too...It is thanks to them that I have discovered much about how the various Realms intersect one another, for example. It is probably also because of their insights that my interest has been perpetually fuelled to follow this Path. And a nod to them for my two honorary doctorate degrees; there's nothing quite like being acknowledged by one's peers for one's efforts.


After years spent doing Life Readings, and teaching self-development programs, I realized that I was actually coaching clients and students, so I decided to enroll in a coach training program. Education really is an on-going endeavor...


In the 1990s, I trained as an Aromatherapist, with additional education in the spiritual aspects. I follow a Wisewoman/shamanic approach to Aromatherapy and plant spirit medicine. Thank you, Joseph Campell, for reminding me to "follow my bliss!"


From 2000 to 2016, I taught Middle Eastern (Belly) Dance in the Cowichan Valley as one vehicle for the return of the Sacred Feminine to our collective consciousness.  Not only is dance one of the premier ways to stave off dementia as we age, it is also an excellent way to "ground" new information in the body, as well as help set our intention in shamanic and magical workings.


Mother of five remarkable children, two of whom have passed beyond, grandmother to one amazing and brilliant 18-year old young woman, two bonus twin 13-year old grandsons and life companion to Red Seal Chef Sean O'Connell, CSNM. (Life hint: Surround yourself with people who constantly “blow your mind!”) - what a journey this has been so far! It's a reminder never to waste a moment, to live every minute as deeply and fully as possible.


I currently reside in the Comox with my dear husband, and am currently learning to play the lyre and harp, as well as to take photographs of this beautiful area. I mourn the loss of my beautiful little dog companion, Lilli Putian Potter, who slipped into the Otherworld on March 28, just shy of her 13th birthday. Good journey, my dear love, and thank you!


I have been on extended hiatus,  restructuring my life and goals.  I invite you to visit my Blog, and send me a message if you are so inclined.


Welcome to my Hearth...


Namaste and Blessed Be!


A space to allow people to unfold, discover and develop their own latent abilities, and to recognize and honor the Divine Self. 


“Guide, not govern.”



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