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Reclaiming the Divine Feminine



“Throughout the world, numerous traditions of Goddess worship have flourished unbroken to the present date. The female divinity is popularly worshiped as Kali throughout India. The Great Goddess Devi incarnates in many different forms across Southeast Asia and in Tibet. In Oceania, Australia, and Africa, various groups continue to worship the Goddess despite the evangelical efforts of Christian missionaries, Catholic countries, especially in South America, worship the female divinity in disguised forms, as saints and in the shape of the Virgin Mary...”

If there wasn’t a need for a sense of the Divine Feminine, she simply wouldn’t exist; but then, we would be a mono-gendered realm. That this 3-D realm is composed of polarity, complements and the entire range between the two ends tells us that we hold within us the resolution of any duality we may erroneously envision.

The next evolution of Consciousness, which is represented by the archetype of the Divine or Golden Child, (the embodiment of a plethora of possibilities), is dependent upon the reconciliation of the ancient archetypal Feminine and Masculine aspects which actually complements, like the positive and negative ends of a magnetic, or the inhaling and exhaling of breath.

With the extreme emphasis on the Masculine aspect we, as a race of beings on this planet, are robbed of half of our innate and remarkable resources, and the rampant damage to both the Psyche and the environment is blatantly apparent. Moreover, our access to the myriad possibilities we contain as humans is  too often denigrated and even brutalized, or at least, summarily discounted.

This is a call to restore equilibrium,

to re-dress the sacred balance through the exploration

of the Divine Feminine aspect within you

This program runs between four and eight weeks, depending on the needs of the particular student or group. It is journal-intense and interactive, as we explore our inner selves. We examine how we are both guided by and reflecting our own aspects of the Divine Feminine.

Fire in the Cauldron that nourishes and heals

Fire in the Forge that shapes and tempers

Fire in the Head that incites and inspires



Alchemical Arts &Services



I’ve been walking this Path since the numbers and letters started talking to me when I was three. Invite me to share some of what I’ve learned over the last seventy+ years.  Let’s see what we co-create!


We frequently hear that we “live in an abundant Universe which mirrors back to us our own perceptions and expectations” - but in the rush, crunch, battles and stresses of daily life, we sometimes lose touch with how our own unique inner and outer realities interplay.


Soul Realignment sessions and Life Readings  can help us reassess our positions, rethink our strategies and get back on track - and even discover something new to help us navigate the vast, Soulful oceans of our lives.  


"It is helpful to remember that neither Truth nor Enlightenment is something to be found, sought, acquired, gained, or possessed. That which is the Infinite Presence is always present and its realization occurs of itself when the obstacles to that realization are removed. It is therefore not necessary to study the truth but only to let go of that which is fallacious. Moving away the clouds does not cause the sun to shine but merely reveals that which was hidden all along...”                                         

Dr. David Hawkins



Soul Realignment©


   Live life as your Soul intended...  


  Be the Star that you are!






No Soul came to this three-dimensional experience to suffer intentionally! We have all come in the interest of exploring this magnificent realm of possibilities, as myriad aspects of an ever-evolving and adventurous Infinite Consciousness.


Soul Realignment removes blocks and restrictions, the result of choices once made that are no longer in your best interest nor highest good; choices which may even have been made lifetimes ago.


By accessing your Akashic Record, retrieving that information, and releasing what is no longer needed, we open the way for you to live your life according to your Soul’s own Divine nature, making new choices in alignment with your highest good, and exploring those consequences “... a human experience of abundance and fulfillment.”





Sessions, by appointment: $200.

Available via Skype & Facebook Chat


I also offer Property Realignment sessions to clear your

home of unwanted influences. Quick and easy! 

All I need is your info and permission:  $65.

Combine Property Realignment with Geomantic clearing: $125.


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What others are saying...


At the beginning of this year, I enjoyed a Soul Realignment session with Jessica.

I received a lot of interesting information in a way that was gentle, direct and non-judgmental.


Being able to look at the patterns that have influenced me all my life, and knowing that I was now free of them, shifted things for me in a subtle but powerful way.  It was as if together we had pressed a "Reset" button and things just started clicking into place.  


     I didn't notice it all at once.  There were just little changes, but they were definite and felt permanent. I didn't care for all the sweetness in my tea any more.  More of my jokes landed (in a good way) with the people around me. I could speak up easier if something bothered me. I had a bit of a setback with my anxiety levels when someone broke into our car and rifled around in there.  Jessica reminded me that I have a team of loved ones surrounding me that I can call on for assistance and protection. I started doing that each day and the anxiety left.  


     I learned how to build a bit of time into each day to integrate and test my new way of being.  Since completing the homework, I have been speaking healing affirmations daily.  It feels natural now to be kind to myself instead of spending a lot of energy seeking that kindness from others.  The bonus is that kindness from others didn't go away when I stopped chasing it,  so I have even more around me now. I am clearing away physical things as well as habits that no longer serve me and there is more energy available to me to follow my purpose in life.


...I am able to focus and complete tasks a lot easier since our session. There are old patterns still shaking free... I've been remembering my dreams lately, too... This is such amazing work. Thank you!

- Karlin Creed,

Writer & Animal communicator


My session with Jessica was in late September of 2016 - at which time I was poised on a precipice of life-changing events in the next five months! A job change and move to another state, merging households with my family and my partner's family in a new house - whew! I was searching for a rope to hold on to, a new identity to merge with the old me - and Jessica was strong, firm, enlightening, and most helpful to me on this path.


While many of her observations were very true for me, affirming what I know about myself, some were eye-opening, and showed me new direction and new paths to ponder as I move forward with my changing life. 


If you're looking for answers to questions that you've been unable or incapable of voicing - Jessica's work with Akashic Records is a great way to work through that, to see yourself as the universe sees you - and to begin the work on becoming who you were meant to be.                                                                         

  - Wanda Bailey,

Dragon Gem Publishing


My Akashic Record session with Jessica was comprehensive, insightful and oh so accurate. I found myself nodding throughout her reading in agreement! She was totally compassionate and non-judgemental as she offered the information from the Record Keepers. I can highly recommend a reading from her if you are looking for support and direction in your life.

- Tamsin Young,

Soul-Centred Finances


...I had the precious gift of an Akashic Record Reading and Soul Realignment from a beautiful Soul on Friday which confirmed my way forward (thank you, Jessica)...

re-connecting with that part of my soul that loves writing....


- Heather Booker,

The Serenity Centre


I had a soul realignment with Jessica. I didn’t know what to expect but she told me what she had seen in the Akashic records and gave me some easy homework to do. Although I didn’t notice anything at the time, I have stopped eating or wanting chocolates, biscuits and other sugar laden foods. I don’t crave or notice them and am eating healthier foods. -


- Carole Hodges,

Aromatherapist - The Fragrant Bridge


Jessica is brilliantly connected with the mystical world while being very down to earth and relate-able. Her vast experience in readings of many kinds is brought together in the informative and transformative Soul Realignment experience. During my session with her she uncovered some very insightful soul experiences that really brought to light some patterns and blocks I've been experiencing. I always say awareness is key and this is a phenomenal way to gain some awareness in order to make meaningful changes.


I highly recommend working with Jessica to gain some insight into your life and how to make adjustments through the awareness you will gain.


- Cherrise Boucher,

Momentum Strategy Coach




















A Tarot reading can offer new perspectives on situations and problems in your life. It can also be a wonderful tool for meditation, as well as for personal and spiritual growth, by putting you in touch with your greater Self. 


Whether you wish to examine your life or further your spiritual progress, I can assist you on your Path, drawing from over 50 years of experience as a Reader.  I use the Herbal Tarot to bring the wisdom of the Plant Realm to your session.



Half-hour session - $50.


Full hour session - $80.


Appointments here

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