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Zachariah Seabred Michael North:               Sept 4, 1974 - Dec 2, 2011

Vanessa Inez North:                                     Sept 8, 1982 - April 16, 2001





In the years I've been "building an online presence, I've been fortunate to come across many wonderful and valuable Resources. Some of these have become my affiliates, others I just pass along because they have been useful to me and may also be useful to you. I'm always updating, so check back often to find out what's new.


A note about affiliates: Accessing your goodies through my links below helps me build my dream of a Retreat for creative recovery, which will include space for wellness services, studio (dance, yoga, etc.), performance area, cooking classes ("Vanessa's Kitchen," a living Memorial for my daughter, Vanessa), the Wisdom Garden (a living Memorial for my son, Zachariah) and classroom spaces.  Thank you for your support! ♥♥♥




Soul Realignment



Imagine being able to choose the life you want to live, without being hampered by "bad habits," neuroses and other supposedly insurmountable obstacles. What would you choose? Where would it take you? How would it redefine your life?


Soul Realignment acknowledges  and supports your Divine Self, your indisputable connection to Divine Source and your own personal power and authority to create the life for you that your Soul intended. It's a powerful reminder that we are the "Captains of our Fate," and the creators of our experience, even if we have forgotten that truth through choices we once made that no longer benefit us.


Want to learn more? Check out Andrrea Hess's free introductory video.


Think this is the modality for you? Become a Soul Realignment Practioner. It will change your life! Learning this modality has literally changed mine!


Accessing your goodies through my links helps me build my dream    of a Retreat for creative recovery, including space for wellness services, studio (dance, yoga, etc.), cooking classes, Wisdom Garden,           performance area and classrooms.                                                       Thank you for your support! ♥♥♥



Practical Alchemy for the well-being of Spirit, Mind & Body

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