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What is a Mystery School?


Most writers on the subject agree that a Mystery School is a place where one is introduced to various concepts of Ancient Knowledge, passed on to neophytes and initiates through rigorous study and the practical applications of arcane information.


Some insist that there is no “revealed” information, that all knowledge must be passed down from teacher to student (although some traditions, such as Reiki and Human Design were originally “revealed” or channelled information – the very word “Kabbalah” means “to receive” - see The Tree of Life Oracle by Cherry Gilchrist & Gila Zur). 


Some claim they practice a tradition unbroken since ancient times, while others readily admit to being but a handful of years old.


All Mystery Schools agree that their ultimate purpose is to bring the student to an understanding and experience of the Deep Self, or Essence – the Mystery of the Divine which is resident within each of us. It is not enough to say “you are Divine” without experiential knowledge and wisdom, and that is what most, if not all Mystery Schools set out to provide.




The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.”

~ Lao Tzu


The Programs

 Faerie Mound : A Brief History


You may encounter the story elsewhere also, but in a nutshell, my Hive emerged within 13th House Mystery School in the autumn of 1996 when I re-wrote my original six-week Way of the Wiccan course (now called Way of the Wicce/Wiccan), which introduced students to basic tenets of the Craft and Neo-Paganism, and turned it into a 10-week program.  In the interim, I had been co-teaching an introductory 13-week course with the other eight founding Priestesses of 13th House Mystery School.


I decided to take the leap and "hive-off" from the main body when I was approached by some women whose preference was to study under a single teacher.


And so Faerie Mound was born, although unnamed until I married and moved away from the city to our “Covenstead” a couple of years later.

Finally, I made the decision to offer a completely different curriculum and so the Hive has evolved into its own Mystery School.


Faerie Mound Mystery School offers programs designed to guide Seekers and Servers of the Sacred along their Paths. Through immersion into active participation with Natural year, the Lunar year  and the Path of Service, aspiring Initiates form a heightened union with both Inner and Outer "realities" as they discover their Personal Truth.

Faerie Mound Mystery School Programs

To create well is an act of faith and integrity.

Quartz Program

The Wheel of the Year. A year and a day of following Nature's cycle. The creation & practice of Ritual.

Azurite Program

The Lunar Year and our Tree Calendar. An exploration of the Divine Feminine within and in the World.

Pearl Program

 What is service?   What do we serve? 

How do we serve?

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